Schoolhousfor Art 151

Teens Atelier Experience

Date: 09 Jul, 2024

This ATELIER EXPERIENCE is a very special opportunity for teens serious about progressing their art practise. This course is based on the 19th century French Ateliers methods that many of the great masters of the past 200 years were trained and where they gained their experience in the craft of drawing & painting. During this 1 week program students will experience cast drawing and painting the portrait from life.

Academy trained Painter and Artist WILL NATHANS will be guiding students through this Atelier Experience.


Plaster Cast Drawing & Painting
Painting from Life

Tuesday - Thursday:

Students will focus on cast drawings which will teach the students to see ‘form’ in three dimensions and transfer it with meticulous detail in pencil/charcoal to a two dimensional surface - the drawing paper. This practise teaches the mastery of rendering which is “the artist's approach to depicting an item in conventional art forms. It comprises shading as well as the use of lighting effects to simulate shadow, reflection, and refraction.”


Figure Painting - Working with a life model, give students an opportunity to work sight-size. This dedicated day will give students an understanding of the human portrait and the flesh palette in oils.

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