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The Art of Costume

Coming up this Summer...

The Irish Costume Archive Project and Russborough are delighted to bring a new exhibition in August 2022. Explore Ireland's costume design heritage from iconic Irish film and television through the years.

The exhibition explores the relationship between actors and costumes, and it will analyse the growth of the Irish film industry. This ICAP Exhibition gives the opportunity to view costumes from films and TV such as The Favourite, The Quiet Man, Braveheart, Vikings, and more.

A joint curation with the Irish Costume Archive Project, the exhibition will look at how costume co-creates the character. The dialogue between the costume designer and the actor involves endless rounds of why am I wearing this? Where am I situated in the story? Where am I going? What or who do I become? Will the audience believe that I embody this character? Wearing this costume, do I tell a story?

All costumes on display are from Irish films or major television productions filmed in Ireland or abroad but with Irish talent involved. The costumes will be mounted on mannequins and situated throughout the house threading a narrative between art, history and culture.