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The Dark Maze at Russborough

Get ready to scream! This October, the Dark Maze at Russborough will be hosting a fright night you won’t forget.

This Halloween adventure will put your nerves to the test, piling on the terrors in the inescapable tangle of The Dark Maze. Do you dare to enter?

The immersive experience kicks off on Thursday October 27th with slots to book from the hours of 3 to 4pm (for younger more sensitive spooks) and 4 to 7pm each day; ensuring the cover of darkness will be there to add an extra dose of mystery.

Brave ticket-holders will be invited to enter our ominously decked out Dark Maze to discover what spooky surprises lay in store with scare inducing lights and creepy decor. To truly set the scene, creepy soundscapes will also echo throughout, instilling a sense of dread as you tip toe around corners and dodge the lunges of characters who seemingly emerge from nowhere. Rest assured the goosebumps littering your skin will not just be because of the Autumnal chill in the air.

Early bird tickets on sale from Friday September 23rd.