Sheepdog Demonstrations

Fun, interactive sheepdog demonstrations are available for group bookings. County Wicklow is famous for its sheep, so it is no surprise that sheepdog herding is a large part of country life here.

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Visit County Wicklow and become a herding master with the help of Michael Crowe, sheepdog guru! This unique experience gives you a taste of rural life as you learn to keep the flock on track (all in good fun). Marvel at the impressive skill and agility of these hardworking dogs and take a peek at what life is like in the Irish countryside.

Watch Michael’s sheepdogs prove they’re no strangers to the hunt! You’ll be amazed as they obediently follow his commands and show off their intelligence. Plus, get an insider’s look into the dog training technique - a must-see for all animal lovers! Follow Michael and his trusty sheepdog around the fields of Russborough, and be blown away by the duo’s masterful herding of the Wicklow Cheviot Sheep! It’s a sight to behold!