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Boring Art? Featuring the Milltown Collection

Boring Art? An inspiring new exhibition curated BY young people FOR young people.

Apollo Project is the National Gallery’s dedicated programme for young people, created by young people. Taking inspiration from the Milltown collection, a team of young people co-curate this new exhibition to bring fresh relevance to the historic artworks of Russborough House.

Boring Art? is a one-of-a-kind exhibition curated by young people, for young people. This showcase is all about asking bold questions, such as how can we reconcile the art of the past with the issues of today? Ten paintings from the Gallery’s Milltown Collection will be brought together in the Sir Hugh Lane Room, re-energised with a contemporary twist. No longer decorations for a rich man’s country home, these paintings erupt with rebellious tales, iconic figures, and hilarious tangents.

Giving ownership and a voice to a new diverse, under-represented audience who may feel that the Gallery is inaccessible to it, collaboration with young people is at the core of Apollo Project. In a new partnership between the Gallery and Apollo Project Young Curators, this exhibition is created by a dynamic team of young people with the support of Gallery teams.

16 October 2021 – 16 January 2022
Hugh Lane Room | Free admission