Celebrating a Milestone: Russborough's Commitment to Sustainability

As World Earth Day 2024 approaches, Russborough proudly announces a significant achievement in our sustainability journey.

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As World Earth Day 2024 approaches, Russborough proudly announces a significant achievement in our sustainability journey. With a concerted effort that began in May 2023, we have successfully reached our ambitious goal of Zero Waste to Landfill. This landmark achievement underscores our commitment to sustainable tourism and showcases the practical steps we've undertaken to safeguard our environment.

Why Sustainability Matters to Us

Our decision to embark on this path was driven by the understanding that heritage sites like Russborough play a crucial role in promoting environmental stewardship. In an era where climate change poses a significant threat to our global heritage, it's imperative that we lead by example, demonstrating how conservation and sustainability can work hand in hand. Achieving Zero Waste to Landfill is not just about reducing our environmental footprint; it's about contributing to a broader conversation on how the tourism sector can actively participate in global sustainability efforts.

The Steps We've Taken

Our journey to sustainability was marked by several key initiatives across the estate:

  • Recycling and Composting: The removal of general waste bins and the introduction of dedicated recycling stations throughout the main house and across the estate have significantly reduced our landfill contributions. Every piece of waste, from paper to organic matter, is now either recycled or composted.
  • Sustainable Packaging: Our commitment extended to our shop, where all paper is shredded and repurposed as packaging material for online orders, and only recyclable or compostable bin bags are used.
  • Community and Collaboration: Our efforts were supported by collaborations with The City Bin Company, the Royal Horticultural Society, and our cafĂ© partners, Gather & Gather. These partnerships have been instrumental in implementing sustainable waste management practices, including the innovative use of coffee grounds for composting.

Our Achievement and What Lies Ahead

Reaching our Zero Waste to Landfill goal by World Earth Day 2024 is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and the support of our visitors and partners. This milestone is not the end of our sustainability journey but a significant marker of our ongoing commitment to protecting the planet while preserving our heritage.

As we celebrate this achievement, we're reminded of the importance of our actions for future generations. Sustainable tourism at Russborough is about creating a legacy of environmental stewardship, ensuring that the beauty and history of our estate continue to inspire and educate.

We invite our community and visitors to join us in celebrating this milestone, as we look forward to continuing our sustainability efforts. Together, we can ensure that Russborough remains environmentally responsible for years to come.