Apollo retrospect2

Retrospect: Art Makes You | The Apollo Project

'Retrospect', upon closer inspection, reveals a glimpse of the the hidden history of Blessington Lakes and the town of Ballinahown which is now submerged beneath the surface.

This reveal connects to Murillo's Prodigal Son series. The entire series was donated to the National Gallery of Ireland by Russborough's owners Sir Alfred and Lady Clementine Beit in 1987. While being restored by the Gallery, an x-ray of Murillo's painting of The Prodigal Son Feeding Swine, revealed a ruin in the background of the composition, which was later painted over by the artist.

The tale of the Prodigal Son is a parable of redemption, perspective and the chance to change, which the Apollo Project team have thematically linked to environmental consciousness, sustainability and the history of the reservoir and local landscape.

Created by West Wicklow Youthreach students as part of the Apollo Project at the National Gallery of Ireland.

The piece is made entirely from textile waste materials and links in with Sustainable Education - an underlying theme for the West Wicklow Youthreach Centre.

Created by: Rich Flynn, Agne Brenciute, Elisha Carroll, Megan Rigney, Anna McNevin, Sarah Walsh, Emma Fitzpatrick, Kamran Bux, Jenna Lane, CJ Doran and Matthew Thackaberry, West Wicklow Outreach.

Led by: Lynn Haughton, Artist & Designer, The Upcycle Movement.

Supported by: Emma Doyle, Design Tutor, West Wicklow Outreach.